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Bhai Rattan Singh
(Raipur Dabba, Nawan Shahr)

Roaming ambassador of reorganised Ghadr Party. Visited India several times in disguise as an organiser of revolutionary movements.

Sajjan Singh
(Narangwal, Ludhiana)

Youngest Ghadrite in Punjab. Worked with Kartar Singh Sarabha& Sant Randhir Singh. Life imprionment, absconded from Hazari Bagh jail, re-arrested

Dalip Singh
(Phahla, Jalandhar)

Became President of Ghadr Party after 1914-15. Punished Britishers working against Ghadrites. Actively participated in Labour movement in India.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Supporter of revolutionary movements and redical congress leader.

Baba Bhagwaan Singh
(Dosanjh, Jalandhar)

Came from Canada as the leader of a batch to parlicipate in Jaitu Morcha. Later participated in Kissakhani in Peshawar.

Shiv Singh
(Kotla Naudhsingh, Hoshiarpur)

Life imprisonment & confiscation of property in the First Lahore conspiracy case.

Bibi Gulab Kaur
(Bakshiwala, Sangroor)

Joined Ghadr Party in the Phillipines. Worked with Banta Singh Sanghwal and Harnam Singh Tundilat. Kept vigil on party press in guise and helped in distribution of arms and literature. Sentenced for 2 years imprisoment.

Babu Amar Singh Engineer

Worked on the railway project in Siam and building the Ghadr Party together with Pandit Sohan Lal. Was confined in a cage for two years for slapping the jail superintendent of Andeman jail. Served jail for 22 years and on release assisted in founding Indian Independence League in Siam.

Giani Pritam Singh

One of the builders of Indian National Army. Killed in an air crash on 24-3-1942.

Lal Chand Phalak
(Wachhowali, Lahore)

Worked in peasants Movement in 1905-07, Revolutionary poet imprisonment many times in different cases. Sentenced transportation for life in Lahore city conspiracy case on 11-6-1917.

Babbar Kishan Singh Gargaj

President of the Babbar Akali Jatha. A fiery speaker. Hanged after trial in the first Babbar conspiracy case on 27-2-1926.

Babu Santa Singh
(Shoti Harion, Ludhiana)

An ex-armyman who joined the Babbar Akali Jatha. Hanged on 27-2-1926 after trial in the first Babbar Akali case.


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